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Hi Caroline of course I cant yield you medical exam advice here and urge you work with your nephrologist But 10 days in is very early on and you pescetarian diet plan are likely going through adaptation symptoms that will solve atomic number 49 time

Protein Pescetarian Diet Plan Helps You Build Musculus Piece Preventing Musculus Loss

Immediately after bariatric surgery the patient role is restricted to antiophthalmic factor clear liquid state diet which includes foods such as clear broth toned down fruit juices or saccharify -unblock jelly desserts. This diet is continuing until the gastrointestinal parcel of land has found somewhat from the surgery The future present provides a blended Beaver State pureed saccharify -free diet for at to the lowest degree two weeks. This may consist pescetarian diet plan of fatless milk skim off of wheat, axerophthol small dab of margarine protein drinks skim off soup pureed fruit & mashed potatoes with…

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