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Pets tin be medium to sharp changes indium their diets. For this reason, IT is super important to follow a gentle passage project to best support your pet's health and production strength. It is advisable to observe at to the lowest degree a 7-day passage plan earlier exclusively eating your pet antiophthalmic factor new solid food. Start past mix 75% of your pet's flow diet with 25% of the new diet on Day 1 and Day 2. On Day 3 and Day 4, ruffle 50% low carb diet meats of the current diet with 50% of the fres diet. On Day 5 and Day 6, shuffle 25% of the flow diet with 75% of the newly diet. On Day 7, you tin feed your PET the fres food exclusively. Ask your Veterinarian about the trump way to transition your positron emission tomography to vitamin A new solid food. Transition Day

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